Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dann Paquette's Guidelines for a Proper Bitter

Dann Paquette brewed at the Daleside Brewery in Yorkshire prior to moving back to the States to start Pretty Things. He gave us this outline for producing a proper Yorkshire bitter.

"Diamond Geezer"

~a Proper Yorkshire Bitter

82% Maris Otter
10% Fawcett Pale Crystal
8% Torrified Wheat

OG 1.040 FG 1.008 ABV 4.2% 25 IBUs

mash at 150

Challenger for bittering (.75 oz of 8% AA pellets @ 60 min for 5 galllon batch)

Finish with Challenger, First Gold or "whatever you really like 'cause you're not going to use a lot of it."

Use a fruity English yeast and ferment up to 72 degrees.

Use isinglass to clarify.

If cask conditioning, top crop yeast at 1.010 and move to cask, where the oxygen rich environment with spark a secondary fermentation.

Drink by the Imperial Pint.


  1. Torrified wheat? Did he expand much on its use for a bitter, seems a little strainge considering the isinglass clarification used. Did he have a favorite British strain, I've only used a couple.

  2. Very many British brewers do use torrified wheat. It's very common to use a small quantity of it in a beer; it supposedly helps with head retention.

  3. Spot on, the wheat is for head retention. Dann didn't site preference for a particular strain. I'd suggest Wyeast 1098 for a drier profile or their 1968 for something fuller.